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What every serious entrepreneur needs to hear about the state of marketing today

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This interview just about encapsulates what every serious entrepreneur needs to hear and “get” about the state of marketing today…in my humble opinion anyway. A “state of the union” if you will…did I say “in my humble opinion” already? Ok, good.

Seriously, there are a lot of marketing “gurus” out there who muddy the waters day in and day out, basically selling their marketing snake oil, black magic and other “guerrilla” BS. And business owners desperate for results keep throwing money at the geeks.

So here it is: a non-hyped look at the inbound/outbound dynamic; organizational silos; alignments and non-linear, horizontal approaches, etc, etc.

I’m glad the folks at ISBM have made available this platform where an adult conversation can be had on such important matters.


Integrated Marketing in Today’s “Push and Pull” Marketplace

Episode 8 – Interview with Don Schultz, President, Agora, Inc. and Heidi Schultz, Executive Vice President, Agora, Inc.
Time: 25:56
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